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lomond-photopaper-pyramideLarge Format Inkjet Media (Lomond XL) are intended for manufacturing of placards, posters, signboards, playbills and banners, maps and drafts, full-colour photorealistic advertisements, print-copies and art reproductions.

Product range represents various types of papers coated for inkjet printing (including microporous coating), synthetic papers, polyester and vinyl films, thermotransfer materials, natural canvases or various types of art papers. A number of photo paper and film modifications are produced as self-adhesive materials.

The materials are supplied in rolls of 610, 914, 1067, 1270, 1372 and 1524 mm wide.

All rolls (except XL Art Paper) have a core diameter of 50.8 mm. The core diameter of XL Art Paper is 76.2 mm.

XL photopapers Matte for CAD & GIS printers

LOMOND XL CAD&GIS matt paper is intended for printing of technical documents with resolution of 720 dpi. Paper with density of 90 g/m2 is used for speed printing of statistics and diagrams, booklets and reports, carried out in colour and in long runs.

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XL photopapers Matte

Lomond XL MATT photo papers are supplied in a range of densities from 105 to 180 g/m2. These media has numerous applications: lightweight grades are used for printing precise diagrams and draughts as well as color reports, posters, and other display graphics; middleweight grades are most suitable for printing photo posters and other full-color images. Matt inkjet coating provides excellent contrast, best fine line definition, high brightness, color stability, perfect glare-less imaging. Lomond XL MATT paper is suitable for dye based and pigment inks.

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XL photopapers Glossy

Lomond XL GLOSSY photo paper is characterized by high whiteness, high brilliance, outstanding ink absorption. It provides photo realistic images of high resolution, highest optical density, wide color gamut. It perfectly reproduces bright expressive images with multiple tints and color gradations especially in high-saturated color areas.

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XL photopapers Premium

Lomond XL PREMIUM PHOTO papers are designed for printing premium photo realistic images used for high-resolution posters, photo reproductions, tradeshow displays, POP displays and any other prints with resolution up to 5,760 dpi. RC (resin coated) base along with microporous inkjet coating gives to Premium Photo paper a real photo look, feel, weight and texture. The media is instant dry, water resistant and can be handled immediately after printing.

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XL photopapers FineArt

Lomond XL Fine Art collection is composed of the natural linen canvas, natural cotton watercolor paper and canvas-embossed paper. All the media are completely compatible with both dye-based and pigment inks and feature improved imaging and archival properties due to their advanced coatings. Lomond XL Fine Art media are used for printing classical art reproductions, modern art prints, stylish photo portraits and landscapes, ancient maps, artistic interior decorations and many more.

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XL Canvas

Lomond canvases have natural linen cloth base single-side coated with thin polymeric inkjet layer. The inkjet surface completely keeps the texture and general view of an artistic canvas. Canvas weaves form a specifically uneven canvas surface creating more random reflections that is highly desirable for aesthetic purposes. As canvases are usually used for making oil painting effect, it is recommended to use special sprays or texture gel for finishing. This imparts to the print a desirable originality. Due to the plasticity of inkjet coating the print-on-canvas is enough stretchable to be attached to wood, metal or plastic frame without any cracking.

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Lomond XL polyester (PET) films are used for numerous indoor applications. The films are inkjet coated providing perfect high resolution imaging with superb colors and contrast. Polyester base has excellent plastic properties providing high dimensional stability and flatness as well as tear-resistance. Lomond XL PET films fully meet various market demands on photo quality fashion advertising displays, bright-colored booth graphics, precise design draughts, clear informational billboards and many more. High durability makes Lomond PET films perfect for long-lasting indoor applications. The range of weights is from 36 to 310 g/m2.

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XL Vinyl self adhesive film

Lomond Self-Adhesive Vinyl film is used for cost-effective outdoor advertising and sign displaying. Polyvinylchlorid/PVC/Vinyl is more plastic than polyester. Therefore it might be adjoined even to rough and uneven surfaces. Pressure-sensitive adhesive enables it to stick to walls, windows and other places for display. Thanks to its durability (from one to five years depending on the technology of image application), image brightness, resistance to atmosfere pollution harmful agents, colorful printing on the vinyl films became very popular.

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