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Photopapers for inkjet printers

lomond-photopaper-pyramideLomond Photo Paper is a series of inkjet coated papers of different weights from 90 to 240 g/m2. Single- or double-side coatings vary from rough matt to cast glossy. The paper is supplied in A4, A3, A2, A5, A3+ size and photo-size 10x15 cm.

Lomond photo paper is a universal product of high quality grade for all inkjet technologies, such as thermal-bubble jet or piezo using dye-based inks as well as pigment inks. All sorts of Lomond photo paper are specially designed and thoroughly tested for complete compatibility with any make of leading OEM printers such as Canon, Epson, HP, Lexmark and others. The paper provides resolution up to 2,800 dpi, fast drying and solid inks fixation; thus providing exact color reproduction and high image longevity.

The paper is supplied in the following formats: A4, A3, A2, A5, A3+, 10x15cm, density from 90 to 240gsm.

Photopapers for office printers and multifunctional units

Lomond photopapers for office inkjet printers and multifunctional units with high whiteness allows to receive high quality full color printouts. It is perfect for printing graphical information, reports, presentations and other office applications. Suitable for all types of inkjet printers.

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Photopapers Matte

Matt papers are most popular due to the best price/quality ratio. Images printed on matt paper are glare-free, lines have good contrast, pure tints have a typical velvety depth. Matt papers are best suited for printing such images, which should not tire eyes (for instance, illustrated texts) for they provide high contrast and image detail reproduction.

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Photopapers Silk

The surface of silk coated photo papers is smoother than matt but not as shiny as glossy papers. They combine advantages of glossy and matt papers and provide wide color gamut in dark and saturated color areas just as glossy papers.

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Photopapers Glossy

Glossy papers are the best papers for printing bright photo realistic images. Gloss is a property of paper surface to produce a shiny, highly reflective appearance when light is reflected. The higher gloss paper has a larger color gamut. And the difference is largest for highsaturated and dark colors.

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Self adhesive photopapers

Lomond Premium Photo Paper series represents the newest microporous coating technology. Microporous papers are designed for photographers to provide digital imaging of true photo quality comparable or exceeding conventional wet print analogous imaging.

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